About RokFinancial

Why choose us

At Rok Financial, we come to work each day with one simple goal – provide an easy and fast path to business financing. Every business is different and has a unique need. We listen carefully to YOUR story before we connect you with more than 70 lenders to find the best option for your need. We understand your time is valuable, therefore we developed a streamlined application process with limited paperwork, quick approval, and fast funding.

Business is a journey best traveled with strong partners. We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with you and finance your journey to success.

Large Business Loans

Where most lenders are capped at $250K, we assist with applications up to $5 million.

Popular Business Loans: Term Loan and Line of Credit

Expand your business, make large purchases or other investments. Get the funds you need upfront. Apply for more when needed.
Great interest rates. Loan Amounts up to $5 Million.

Professional, Fast Approval, and Competitive Rates

Rok Financial employs a team of more than 30 employees who genuinely care about you and your business. We assist businesses nationwide through a streamlined and simplified online process.

There’s no need to shop around from lender to lender. Your dedicated Business Financing Advisor can find you more and better offers and help identify which offer is best for you from our 70+ lenders who bid for your loan through our system.

Rok Financial is efficient in helping you obtain business financing not restricted by the same stringent, time-consuming regulations as traditional banks. Even if your local bank denied your loan or cannot arrange your funding fast enough, it is still possible to secure financing through us. There are no industry or expertise restrictions.

Rok Financial can help you successfully secure the financing you require to grow your business and thrive.