Loan Options

Term Loans

Expand your business, make large purchases or other investments
Great rates
Apply for more when needed
6 months – 20 year terms
Up to $5 Million

Line of Credit

Access to ongoing funds when you need it
Manage cash flow
Buy inventory
Cover unexpected expenses
Only pay interest on your active balance

AR Financing

Leverage accounts receivables to establish a line of credit that can be used immediately
Manage cash flow gaps
Without ever alerting your customers

Equipment Financing

Purchase a specific piece of equipment for your business
Expansion projects or large purchases

Asset Based Loans

Leverage real estate or equipment to access funding
Expansion projects, large purchases or other investments
Up to $5 Million

Franchise Financing

Specialized financing options for franchisees
Use for inventory, new locations or other investments 


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Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit gives you the flexibility to access needed funds quickly and conveniently.

It is an excellent tool designed to meet the specific needs of your business. One of its best features is that you only pay for what you use. (You are only charged based on the amount you draw from your line of credit rather than the entirety of the line of credit itself.)

Even if you do not have an immediate need for funding, a business line of credit can be used for emergencies or when an unexpected opportunity arises.

Business owners can also use the advantage of a credit line for discounts on numerous business contingencies such as bulk purchases, short-term cash flow, working capital needs, increasing staff, boosting inventory, slow account receivables, or tax payment obligations.

Additionally, a business line of credit also gives you greater flexibility to take advantage of exciting prospects with only a brief window of opportunity. Use a business line of credit to improve your business cash flow, borrow according to seasonal needs, and eliminate the stresses of time gaps between capital needs and revenue realization.

Business owners can draw as much as they want from their credit line as frequently as they want, up to a maximum predetermined amount. Once a repayment is made on any money drawn from a business line of credit, that amount becomes immediately available once again.

Business Equipment Financing

With Rok Financial’s equipment financing, you can purchase new or used equipment for virtually any industry. We work with a wide range of businesses including healthcare, software, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, commerce, food services, automotive, and much more.

If you are looking for equipment funding or financing to grow, modify, or keep your business up to date, we are here to help you discover the best equipment leasing and financing options to accomplish just that. You can finance used or new equipment, or purchase inventory in anticipation of future sales or rentals. Get the equipment you need in order to take on more customers or grow your business.

A comprehensive package of equipment loans is available with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months, offering a solution to any type of business owner. There are also 10-year terms for more extensive manufacturing equipment financing.

Franchise Financing and Funding

Do you own a franchise? Are you looking to lease a new location for your existing franchise?

Rok Financial assists with franchise financing and restaurant financing for current franchisees and can help with funding programs with a variety of customizable options. We offer lower rates, larger amounts, and longer terms through our streamlined and simplified process.

Due to the relatively low margins in this industry, restaurant and franchise owners often face working capital challenges that require sound financial backing. These issues may include code compliance, making payroll, renovations, and the repair and replacement of equipment and furnishings.

Many franchisees will also use franchise financing for remodeling, mandatory franchise updates, new location acquisition, equipment purchases, or repairs and upgrades.

Purchase Order Financing

Get cash today for your outstanding purchase orders: larger approvals, lower rates, better terms, streamlined and simplified process. Sell your customer’s purchase order and bridge gaps in cash flow. Get the capital you need to purchase more inventory and take on more customers.

Been in business forever or just starting out? Either way, Rok Financial can help. We can secure purchase order financing for any business, whether you’re taking your first steps or doing $10 million in sales.

The financing amount is up to 90% of the purchase order value with flexible ongoing terms and funding within 2-10 working days. With our purchase order finance options, obtaining the supplies you require to fulfill a customer’s order has never been so fast and simple.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing allows businesses to generate capital by using receivables as collateral. It means no more waiting for slow customer payments.

Get the funding you need to fill your customers’ invoices and accelerate the growth of your business. Hire more staff, purchase more materials, and take on more customers faster. Use your accounts receivable credit line to receive payments immediately and get the capital you need to grow.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a great option for certain business owners to utilize future sales to access capital immediately. Use your merchant cash advance to cover virtually all business expenses including labor costs, managing payroll, purchasing inventory, and bridging gaps in cash flow.

This financing option is often overlooked, or never explored, but can sometimes be a better option than a business loan – one of the main reasons being the repayment can fluctuate with your monthly sales.

Doctor, Medical, Healthcare, Dental and Physician Loans

Doctors and healthcare professionals are servants of the community. They should not be forced to shutter their practices or scale back services due to financing issues.

Rok Financial offers doctor loans and healthcare professional financing options for all types – including dentists, pharmaceutical professionals, veterinarians, chiropractors, optometrists, primary care physicians, and other healthcare professionals to help their practices grow and succeed.

The healthcare loans provided by us offer exclusive benefits for medical and healthcare professionals including zero upfront fees and approval in as little as 2-10 working days.

We work with healthcare practices of all sizes, from two-person LLCs to sprawling enterprises.

Restaurant Loans

Restaurant financing is available for almost every type of restaurant in the USA. Due to the relatively low margins in this industry, restaurant owners often face working capital challenges requiring sound financial backing. These issues may include code compliance, making payroll, and the repair and replacement of equipment and furnishings.

Even if you have an open tax lien, Rok Financial can still help. For trustworthy financing, restaurant owners turn to us for restaurant business loans providing the working capital they require to grow their businesses at a faster pace.

Many restaurants will use the financing for remodeling, mandatory restaurant updates, renovations, new location acquisition, equipment purchases, or repairs and upgrades.